Upcoming Events

TBA 2021 GoBusiness Intensive in conjunction with the Transforum Event

The Intensive
The GoBusiness Intensive is three days of instruction that will profoundly enhance your vision and thinking in regards to the responsibility of Christian leaders to impact the way the world does business. This event will inspire and equip you to take your ministry in the marketplace to another level of effectiveness. The GoBusiness Intensive track is open to all business owners, executives, managers and those aspiring to positions of leadership, and often coincides with our annual Transforum Event. All event attendees attend joint plenary sessions then course specific workshops for their respective school.

The event is conducted in an interactive format, combining plenary sessions, group discussions, special breakout sessions, and an excellent opportunity to network among other believers who are serving God and making an impact in the marketplace. For those wanting to pursue further training through the School of Business Leadership, the GoBusiness Intensive track is mandatory. If you are participating in the Intensive as a student of GoBusiness, we strongly encourage you to bring your spouse as an auditor. If they are involved in your business, they can attend as a student as well.

The Facilitators School
The School is for all active facilitators of both GoLife & GoBusiness. It is facilitated via conference calls prior to, and in person at the Transforum Event. Attendance is required if you plan to facilitate in the upcoming year and have not attended a Facilitator school or actively facilitated within the last 3 years.

Alumni Events & Graduate Courses
Alumni Banquet & Special Gathering: TBA 2021

GoBusiness Graduate Modules