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BLS Graduate Modules Exclusive to Alumni

Graduate Benefits & Opportunities
The ultimate test of a course like the Business Leadership School is the fruit that it has produced in those who are graduates of the course. Graduates are men and women whose trajectory in both their personal lives and their businesses, have been impacted by their experience with BLS. They are men and women set on a course to shape the culture around them with the life of God’s Kingdom.

Graduates of the school are eligible to become Course Facilitators themselves and gain further training through our advanced courses of Graduate Modules. Alumni are also offered exclusive networking and event opportunities. BLS graduates are also allowed to go directly into the SLT program without attending an SLT event prior (intensive requirement is waived due to BLS Alumni status).

BLS has over 200 graduates through our course in the United States and Canada, with additional graduates through our international offices in the Pacific (serving Asia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Australia), Central America (serving Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico), and Europe (serving Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and France).

A Graduate’s Perspective:


“My life and thinking have been dramatically transformed since we heard about the Business School. I have a BBA in Accounting, an MBA in Finance and am also a CPA. I have over 12 years of corporate and business experience. This series is by far more valuable to me than those degrees, the CPA, and the experience. Without a doubt the school makes these degrees more useful for Kingdom work.

If anyone has desired to put God’s Kingdom principles in practice, the materials do just that. As a matter of fact, as we began the first lesson, I was able to immediately apply the principles in the workplace. There are many other transformations that I have experienced as a result of this course of study. It is my heart’s desire that everyone in the Body of Christ incorporate these teachings into his/her lifestyle. I am applying these principles to every aspect of my life.” – BG , Georgia